Homework Assistance and Counseling
At The Salvation Army, we provide one-on-one teaching
assistance to help kids of all ages with school work, study
guidance and literacy advancement. We open our doors to
anyone in need and never discriminate based on gender, ethnicity
or socioeconomic level.

Sports, Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
Through a variety of no-fee and low cost after-school programs,
we provide safe ways for kids to make friends and participate in
activities they couldn't otherwise afford.

Dance, Art and Music Programs
We work to provide music and arts programs that many schools
can no longer afford. From choirs to instrument training, poetry
to painting, drama to dance, after-school lessons and activities
help introduce children to the beauties of the fine arts.
The Salvation Army
Prescott Parent
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225 S Montezuma St., Prescott,
AZ 86303
(928) 778-0150
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