We offer a unique educational experience that is unlike
any other public school in this area. We seek to cultivate
each student’s individual gifts, to encourage independent
thinking and imagination, and to foster a love of

Within the Mountain Oak School classroom, teachers
masterfully blend academic and artistic disciplines so that
the whole child is involved in every aspect of learning.
This integration of mind, body and heart allows each
child’s intellect to unfold at its own pace and to reach its
full potential.

The founding members spent several years working
together to create this Waldorf-methods school. We
continue to create and define this school for the
Prescott community. We celebrate academic excellence,
cultivate artistic expression, and help our students
develop life long practical skills. We strive to bring forth
a Waldorf-methods curriculum that engenders joy and
academic excellence.
Mountain Oak School
1455 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ 86301
As a public charter school, we meet Arizona State Standards and testing requirements, and comply with
health and safety regulations and educational laws applicable to Arizona Charter Schools. Mountain
Oak Charter School is a state-funded charter school, and as such is open to ALL students.

Waldorf education seeks to foster and develop a creative, educated, and healthful interest in life. People
who develop skills of sensitivity and fortitude in childhood have the ability to contribute positively to
all aspects of adult life as responsible individuals.

The first Waldorf-Methods public school opened in 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Many parents and
educators who knew the Waldorf curriculum as nurturing and healthy for children began opening
charter schools across the country, knowing the methods of Waldorf education would be welcomed as
an innovative and inspiring solution to current public-education challenges.

The first Arizona Waldorf-Methods school opened in Flagstaff in 1995. MOS is now one of five
Waldorf-Methods public schools in the state of Arizona. Not all aspects of the curriculum can be
implemented in the same manner as in the private sector. Adaptations have been instituted by each
charter school according to the needs and structure of the school staff and administration to meet the
needs of each school community.
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