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Our favorite Trick-or-Treat locations:
Park Ave., Prescott:  Park Avenue (by Lincoln Elementary School) is a great place to trick-or-treat
after going to Mount Vernon since the homes are usually answering until around 10pm. It is not as
crowded as Mount Vernon and another local favorite. The house directly across the street from Lincoln
Elementary School has a free haunted walk through every year. The area has hills and many stairs leading
to the homes, so this is would be best for kids that can navigate a bit more on their own feet and older
Mount Vernon St., Prescott: Every quad city resident should do this at least once. Mount Vernon is
known for their annual Halloween festivities. The homes along the street come alive with some of
Prescott's best Halloween decorations. Beginning in the late afternoon, the street is barricaded and
hundreds of people in costume show up to trick-or-treat. Since the homes are close together, this is a
great place for younger children to walk on their own. Parking around the area fill up very quickly and
you may have to park a few streets away. We recommend parking on the opposite side of Gurley toward
Sheldon and not toward Carleton. Festivities usually end around 8pm.
Courthouse Square, Prescott: Many of the shops and restaurants surrounding Courthouse Square have
candy for trick-or-treaters throughout the day. Around 4pm, the adults start showing up to celebrate
on Whiskey Row and it can get a bit rowdy. We recommend finishing up with the little ones around the
square no later than 5ish. Great for all ages.
Pronghorn Ranch, Prescott Valley: We love what the sub-division of Pronghorn Ranch in Prescott
Valley puts together for Halloween. The homes in the area have fun decorating and children of all ages
will enjoy trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood. This area is notorious for the trick-or-treat
drive. Parents of older children drive along the street while the kids get in and out to visit the homes. A
great way to cover the neighborhood while giving your big kids some space and still being able to keep
an eye on them.

The clubhouse becomes a fun filled Halloween party for children and families. They ask for a can
donation per person for admittance. The clubhouse party is great for elementary school age children
and younger.