Fundamental Martial Arts
FMA (Fundamental Martial Arts) is a practical, modern and no nonsense
form of self defense training. Our mission is personal skill development, total
body wellness and empowerment. Our goal is that you feel confident in
providing a fierce response if you or a loved one is ever threatened or in harm’
s way.

Fundamental Martial Arts was launched in 2006 by Scott Shephard, reflecting
what he emphasizes in the studying of martial arts. Fundamental Martial Arts
is designed to improve every student’s ability to protect themselves and to
encourage general health and wellness. The primary quest is to build true skills
in the student to prepare them as well as possible for a violent engagement.
The training will always be geared to improving the ability of his students to
manage a confrontation with a determined and aggressive attacker(s).

Fundamental Martial Arts is designed for the current world. Although we
believe focus and attention to the material is critical, we dispense with bowing
and wearing special outfits. We may wear a school t-shirt, but generally
regular workout clothes and athletic shoes (instead of bare feet). We do have
a ranking system for the student to understand their progress and to help
organize productive training groups when appropriate, but we do not wear
belts in classes. There is a great deal more to a street fight than breaking a
board too. Having said that, Scott personally respects ancient masters and their
followers who seek more of the other side of training provided by most
traditional schools. This simply is not the heart of FMA, there is far too much
to concentrate on in developing someone into a person who can manage the
serious threats of the modern world.
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