Prescott Elks Theater
117 E Gurley St # 115,
Prescott, AZ 86301
(928) 777-1370
The Prescott Elks Theater and Performing Arts Center is a classically
designed turn of the 20th century opera house seating over 500.
Completed in 1905 and listed on the National Register of Historical Places
as Elks Building and Theater, it was one of many "Elks' Opera Houses"
across the country. Now over a hundred years later only one still exists.

The theater in the beginning was the host to minstrel shows, balls, plays
and theater performances. Movies arrived with the silent era about 1915. In
1929 sound was added and the "talkies" had arrived. Movies continued to
be shown till the 1980s. After many changes of private ownerships the
opera house was turned over to Arizona Community Foundation in the
early 1980s. Then began the effort to return the opera house to its
original glory. The opera house was purchased by the City of Prescott in
2001. The Foundation in partnership with the City began the restoration
with the lobby, green room, dressing rooms and other parts of the
building. Restoration was finally completed by the Foundation and the
City in 2010.

The new restoration project continued through 2016 when in December
all construction was completed. Added to the lodge were two state of the
art professional dance studios; one with a floating Hickory dance floor
and the other with a "sprung Marley" surface. Each studio is self-contained
with its own adjustable lighting, heat and air conditioning and state of the
art sound systems. Also found on the second floor are five Wenger music
and voice isolation practice booths. Plans are in the works to include a
digital recording board.

The third floor of the ETPAC sports two separate banquet halls with a
total floor capacity of 200 people and a whole floor sound system. A
brand new chef's kitchen was also installed on the third floor, with
warming ovens, grills, griddles and more.

During the remodel every effort was made to save and restore the original
construction where possible. That is why you will find the original barrel
ceilings with tin stamp found in other parts of the building still in place.
The renovation also uncovered a hidden staircase that was saved along with
the original stained glass "clock" that was placed in the building by the
Brotherhood of Elks. It points to 11 o'clock when in Elks' traditional a
toast is made to absent members."Bill" the original locally sourced copper
Elk still lives on the roof of the performing arts center.
The ETPAC is a 501c3 charitable organization. As part of the purchase agreement an endowment was set up for the
perpetual operation and maintenance of the theater and performing arts center.

The mission of the ETPAC is to enhance the community of Prescott by providing space for practice, rehearsal and
training of the performing arts.
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