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Father's Day Gift Ideas from Explore Nature with Edie
Natural Wood Planter
Looking for a cute homemade Father’s Day gift idea that you won’t cost you a fortune in supplies?
Check out this adorable DIY Natural Wood Planter! It’s a fun and easy dollar store craft that kids can
make almost on their own, with just a little help from mom. Even if dad isn’t a gardener, he’ll love
this fun Father’s Day craft because it comes from the heart! Keep reading after the instructions for
personalized ideas on what to plant for every dad!
Our very own Edie has put together her favorite Father's Day nature crafts for the kiddos to make!
Paper cup
Glue gun & glue sticks
Wooden sticks
Potting soil
Small plant
Collect approximately 50 small natural wood sticks that are about 4 inches
tall. With a hot glue gun, add a strip of glue near the top, middle and
bottom of the cup about ½ inch long. Quickly and carefully apply sticks to
the glue on the cup. Make sure that the sticks line up evenly with and a little
higher than the bottom of the cup. Repeat this around the cup until the
outside of the cup is covered with sticks. Use the glue gun and small pieces
of sticks to fill in any big gaps that let the cup show through. Once the cup
is covered with sticks, tie a piece of twine around the center in a knot. Fill the cup with potting soil. Give this cool natural wooden
planter to your dad on father’s day!
A few ideas for what to plant:
Dads who love cooking; basil, thyme, oregano
Dads who work in jobs that require creativity or a lot of brain power: peppermint (it helps clear the mental fog)
Veterinarian Dads- Catnip! To calm those crazy kitties!
Super stressed out dads: lavender or chamomile
These are just a few ideas to get you started. You can also plant flowers, if you like! Just have fun making him this Father’s Day craft
and he’ll love it no matter what you put in it. From
Painted “Dad” Rock Magnets

These rock magnets are a fun craft for any age to make for a great Father’s Day gift.
Smooth rocks
Circle Magnets
Hot Glue Gun
Wash off the rocks and dry completely. Paint each rock as you like. A
fun idea is to spell out Dad on the different rocks.
Once the rocks are dry, take your hot glue gun and glue a magnet to the
back of the rock. The large circle magnets are the best to use. The small
strips will not be strong enough to not have it slide and not hold. You can paint on an additional clear glaze to make the paint have
a shiny appearance.
Dad Rocks Paperweight

If you are looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift your kids can make, this is it! It’s fun
to make, uses very few supplies, and there’s a very high probability you already have
everything on hand to make this. Send the kids out in the yard to gather some small
pebbles, or if you have pea gravel that’s perfect! Pull out some salt, flour and water and you
are ready to make this great Father’s Day gift dad will cherish.
¼ Cup salt
½ Cup flour
¼ Cup water
Cookie sheet
½ Cup pea gravel
Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. Mix flour, salt and water together in a bowl. If dough is too
sticky add small amounts of flour until it is doughy and pliable. Be careful not to add too
much as the dough will dry out and your creation will crack. Shape a piece of the dough into a ball in your hands.
Place the ball on the cookie sheet and flatten to about ½″ thickness. Carefully select pieces of pea gravel to spell
out “DAD ROCKS”. Press them firmly but gently into the salt dough. Bake your paperweight for 2-2.5 hours
until completely dry. Remove from oven and allow to cool before handling or removing from cookie sheet.
Optional: You can spray your creation with acrylic sealer or paint it with a clear coat sealer.
From Crafts by Amanda