•By being a virtual publication, Prescott Parent is able to reach more people throughout the Quad
Cities and Northern Arizona by being on the forefront of how people receive their news and find
resources...online. We do not have to worry about distribution locations since our readers are able to
access our website and publication at any time. Prescott Parent currently has an average reach of 95K a
month. Statistics show our reach steadily increases each quarter.

•Prescott Parent has a full scope of multimedia and community partners. We partner with respected
entertainment entities whose promotional efforts support and share Prescott Parent's message.

•We listen. We learn. We take pride in the fact that we personally meet with our advertisers on an
ongoing basis. We consider your needs and do all we can to learn about everything going on in the
community. We show up at community events. We get involved. We make our relationship with you a
personal priority.

We would love to talk with you about all we can do to help you grow your business.
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