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About Us
Prescott Parent was founded by a local mother of 3 children in April of 2013. After moving to Prescott
with her family, she discovered there was more to this town than being just a great place to retire.
Prescott is also a great place to raise a family. Seeing there was no place for parents in the Quad Cities to
get all the information for their family in one place,
Prescott Parent Magazine was created.

What started out as a 64 page, locally distributed publication, has evolved over the last few years to
what is now the premier online family guide for the Quad Cities of Prescott, Arizona. Parents can now
find all they have available to them throughout the community and
informative articles on one easy to
navigate website, without having to spend hours researching and finding resources on their own.

At, you will find a
quick links resource guide that has everything from local sport
teams, activities, and our favorite family friendly restaurants, to adoption services, court advocates, and
pediatricians. With our resource guide listings growing weekly, Prescott Parent is sure to provide you
with the information you are seeking.

Looking for fun things to do with the kids during the week? Our
event calendar enables you to see all
the classes, activities, and groups available on any particular day. There is nothing more frustrating than
creating a schedule of activities you would like your children to participate in, only to realize you
created a schedule for your family that has you running around like a chauffeur. We have taken out all
that guess work for you to save you as much time as possible.

Activities, recipes, and life hacks….oh my! With over ten thousand hits on the
Prescott Parent Pinterest
page each week, and our compilation of thousands of pins, you would have to keep your children
young for over 30 years to do all the activities and ideas we have put together for you!
Prescott Parent offers the support you need to be a confident, caring, knowledgeable, fun parent, while
accessing it all at your fingertips