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Summer Camps 2017!!
Summer Camps, Programs, and Classes....Oh My! Our staff has been
working hard to bring you the best Summer Camp list for 2017. Find all
you are looking for any age throughout the Quad Cities of Prescott.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves
an immune-mediated process in
which an abnormal response of
the body’s immune system is
directed against the central nervous
system (CNS), which is made up
of the brain, spinal cord and optic
nerves. The exact antigen — or
target that the immune cells are
sensitized to attack — remains
unknown, which is why MS is
considered by many experts to be
"immune-mediated" rather than
Debra White, Education Chair for Prescott Center for the
Arts, has loved the story of Alice in Wonderland since she
was a little girl. Now she is watching it come to life on the
Mainstage in PCA’s Family Theater series which she is co-
producing with Mike Breen.  “I just love the music!” Debra
states, “And the story provides so many fun characters for
the kids to bring to life; characters that inspire children’s’
imaginations to take flight!”
Here, as promised are three more parenting tips from a childless
couple. Why would hard working, overwhelmed parents take advice
from anyone who have never had to clean up baby vomit or attend
a parent/teacher conference? Well, we like to think our studies,
training, and our combined decades of mentoring and teaching kids
give us a valuable outside perspective. We hope that perspective is
useful to you. Try these tips on for size and see if they work for
your family.
Top 5 Natural Remedies
for Kids' Allergies
Many of us reach for the
allergy medication during
hay fever season, but we
think twice before giving it
to our kids. Here are some
natural allergy remedies you’
ll feel comfortable trying on
your little ones.